5th Internat'l Conference on Social Science Research
New Orleans, LA · Hilton Riverside · Sept. 23-25, 2010

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Last Updated: 06/27/10

This conference is a participants’ conference, where there are many concurrent presentations taking place throughout the meeting.  Researchers are invited to submit proposals as either a 30-minute paper presentation, or a jointly presented 90-minute presentation. A virtual participation is also available if you are unable to attend the conference in-person. After a proposal has been submitted, it is evaluated by the program committee; a decision is reached within a few weeks of the deadline. To prevent ‘no shows’ after a proposal has been accepted, the presentation will not be scheduled until the author registers. (If there are multiple authors, only one needs to register.) An author can submit no more than one proposal.

 30-Minute Presentation 
A Conference session involving a 15 minute speaker presentation, followed by questions and answers. Allow 5 minutes within the 30-minute timeslot for people to move between rooms. (Each person who is on the program to present a paper will be asked to serve as a Chair on another session.) The chair's role is to introduce the presenter, keep the presentation within the 15 minute time limit and manage the question and answer session.
Be sure you time your presentation before your planned session time. If you type out your presentation, you could estimate that a page of double spaced, typed material, in a standard elite-size font, takes about two minutes to read, with­out any extemporaneous comments added during the reading; with fifteen minutes to speak, you can read seven and a half pages at a brisk pace.

 90-Minute Colloquium  
This is a session that involves at least five registered participants (for instance, a chair plus four or more presenters who present for no more than 15 minutes each). At least 15 minutes must be left for audience interaction. The Conference planning committee does not organize these sessions. Presenters need to organize and design the session and submit a proposal through the proposal submission form.

Virtual Presentation  
These virtual presentations allow the researcher to participate in the conference, without having to actually attend in person.  They conference proposal will be accepted (or not) using the same criteria as other paper proposals. All papers presented (virtual or live) will be listed in the program.


Garden District
New Orleans - Riverboat

Comments from Previous Attendees:

"I particularly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting, and that it draws so many international scholars - it provides a wonderful perspective."

"The quality of the food was the best that I have experienced at a professional meeting."

"I appreciated the many opportunities to network with other researchers - at meals, during receptions and during sessions."

"The conference ran very smoothly."

"The meeting was professionally helpful, but it was also a lot of fun. Make sure you send me information about the next meeting."