5th Internat'l Conference on Social Science Research
New Orleans, LA · Hilton Riverside · Sept. 23-25, 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Why can’t I participate in more than one session at the conference? Participation is limited to one paper to insure that junior scholars, students, and practitioners have a chance to present at the conference.


How long will it take for me to find out if my proposal is accepted? We try and review the proposals and make a decision within two weeks of the deadline, and we will notify people as soon as a decision has been reached. However to prevent 'no shows' we do not list anyone in the program until they have registered.


How could we co-sponsor the conference? We are always looking for future collaborations. If you are interested, please and email us. Typically, co-sponsoring the conference would include collaborative marketing efforts. For example, listing our conference on the co-sponsor’s website, while we do the same, marketing our conference to your members, while we do the same, a free add in our conference program, while the co-sponsor does the same.


Why is the conference registration fee higher if I do not stay in a conference hotel?  When we negotiate a contract with a conference hotel, the Centre receives meeting space in exchange for a guarantee that it will use a specific number of sleeping rooms. If attendees do not use the required number of sleeping rooms, then the Centre must pay the cost for these unused rooms, which can be quite large, as well as rental for meeting space. In addition, the more sleeping rooms that we use, the more attractive the conference becomes to a hotel, and the Centre can negotiate even lower room rates in the future. In essence, the attendees who stay outside the conference hotels are "free riders."


I have been invited to speak on a session. Do I have to register for the conference? Academic conferences are ‘participant’s conferences’ where attendees attend primarily to present their research and get feedback from other participants. Everyone who attends the conference must register. We do have lower registration rates for students.


 How did you get my name and email address? We conduct a general search of people who work in areas related to the conference theme, and use publically available sources – typically an institution’s website. We create these lists by hand to try and make sure that there is a true ‘fit.’ If you have received the email and you don’t feel it connects with your interests, please accept our apologies. If you tell go to the following form and enter your email address, we will immediately remove you from the list. We also send postcards, however there are environmental costs to doing this that we try to avoid. 


If I have registered for the conference but decide not to attend, can I get a refund? Like many associations and conferences, we have a "no refund" policy.


Can my partner, child, or family member accompany me at convention?  Certainly! Many people attend with family or partner. The conference can have many social aspects in addition to the intellectual ones. For a $100 registration fee, they are welcome at all sessions, meals and receptions. (Hotel catering is fairly expensive, and this does not cover the cost of the meals.)


I am presenting my first paper. Do you have any advice?  We have placed increasing importance on strengthening the quality of conference presentations and enhancing participant engagement. Prepare a presentation that follows all of the rules of good speech making. Be sure you have planned on an introduction and conclusion. Organize the body of your talk and provide internal organizing mechanisms so people can easily follow along. Do not speak beyond the allotted time and do not read your paper or outline—speak extemporaneously. 


What should I wear?  The dress at the conference is business casual – typical for most conferences. Depending on your evening plans, you might want to pack jeans or a more formal outfit. Also, be sure to check the weather forecast online before you leave.

Garden District
New Orleans - Riverboat

Comments from Previous Attendees:

"I particularly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting, and that it draws so many international scholars - it provides a wonderful perspective."

"The quality of the food was the best that I have experienced at a professional meeting."

"I appreciated the many opportunities to network with other researchers - at meals, during receptions and during sessions."

"The conference ran very smoothly."

"The meeting was professionally helpful, but it was also a lot of fun. Make sure you send me information about the next meeting."