5th Internat'l Conference on Social Science Research
New Orleans, LA · Hilton Riverside · Sept. 23-25, 2010

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AV Instructions

For the 2010 convention, we will provide notebook computers and Dell 3300mp LCD projectors in all session rooms.  The computers have limited software, including OpenOffice, PowerPoint Reader and Adobe reader ONLY. The reader software can accommodate presentations created in Microsoft or Mac formats. However presentations from a Mac should be tested in advance, and you should consider having your presentation as an Adobe file as well. 

Presenters do not need to use their own laptop computers since the audio visual setups in the meeting rooms must not be changed in any way.  Presenters must bring their Powerpoint or Adobe presentations on a flash drive (thumb drive) and insert the flash drive into the netbook computer provided in the meeting room.  Internet access is not provided in the meeting rooms. Though the netbooks will have antivirus software installed, you should be still be cautious about using the flash drive until you test it for a viruses.

If you wish to use an Overhead Projector for transparencies, a limited number will be available at the conference registration desk, and you should contact us before the meeting to reserve one. Anyone who needs to use other audio visual equipment should contact the hotel’s audio visual and make arrangements directly with them.  Presenters are responsible for the costs of any additional equipment needed.

Instructions for creating and saving your PowerPoint or Adobe presentations

ONLY the listed presentation formats are supported at the conference.  Please follow these instructions to use ISA’s audio visual equipment.  Each panel room will have an Dell 3300mp LCD projector, screen and a netbook with a USB port.  PowerPoint Reader 2007, Adobe Reader, and OpenOffice are the only software components installed and available to presenters.

  1. Save your presentation on a USB Flash or Thumb drive.  Bring the flash drive to the convention.  DO NOT BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE PANEL ROOM – you will use computers and LCD projectors installed by the audio visual supplier.  Do not disconnect the laptop computers – this will cause the LCD projector to reset.
  2. To start your presentation, locate the USB port on the personal computing netbook.  The netbook will be located on a standing podium near the LCD projector, or on a cocktail table near the Head Table.  Insert the flash drive into the USB port.
  3. Double-click on the FLASHDRIVE shortcut on the netbook desktop.
  4. Find your file and double-click on it to open.
  5. Keep the flash drive plugged in during your presentation.
  6. When presentation is completed, close all windows and remove your flash drive.
  7. Do not unplug or turn of the netbook or the LCD projector.
Remember to check your flashdrive for viruses before you use it again.
Garden District
New Orleans - Riverboat

Comments from Previous Attendees:

"I particularly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting, and that it draws so many international scholars - it provides a wonderful perspective."

"The quality of the food was the best that I have experienced at a professional meeting."

"I appreciated the many opportunities to network with other researchers - at meals, during receptions and during sessions."

"The conference ran very smoothly."

"The meeting was professionally helpful, but it was also a lot of fun. Make sure you send me information about the next meeting."